In 2011 we started out as a photography magazine, which sought to establish a critique the technical ability of the fine art photographer. It focused on photographers with strong technical awareness, who understands compoisition and the theoretical knowledge behind photography.

Since then our interests have broadened to other mediums and the role of the white cube within the visual arts.

In conversation with... This section consists of interveiws with Directors, Curators and people in other roles within Galleries, Musuems and those pushing the boundaries as to what an exhibition space can be.

Studios Not only do we visit the studios of practitioners but we also review exhibitions that they have.

Artists Books With the growing interest in artists books, whether that be publihsed, self-published or handmade we're keen to see how artists are expanding their practice, and how this impacts on their business plan. We regularly visit artist bookfairs and will be highlighting key works.

Research Whilst our main emphasis and interest is specific to the visual arts we recognise the divide between contemporary art, and all that it includes, and commercial art and the richness that can be sought from cross-pollination.

Andrea Allan


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